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With 6 seats the J-445™ offers the perfect place to socialise with friends and family or site back, relax and enjoy a complete hydromassage. The J-445™ features seats of various heights which allows you to combine a shallow soak with deep immersion and each seat delivers a different style of hydromassage. A Swedish style back treatment is delivered through the RX seat whilst the FX-12 therapy seat delivers a massage which targets the neck, shoulders and back.

The high-back, unique design of the J-445™ hot tub provides fantastic asthetics whilst helping to engulf you in warmth no matter the ambient temperature, this high-back also helps to provide additional privacy. The J-445™ also delivers brand new innovative features to enhance the luxurious experience, adjustable pillows are a new innovative feature that offers enahnced comfort over non-adjustable pillows whilst the diverter knobs are designed to incorporate cup holders.

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Dimensões (cm)
213 x 213 x 109
Tipo de Jet
Capacidade de assento
6 pessoas
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