Energy by Jacuzzi®: the pleasure of real hydromassage

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Contemporary design and high quality in a new, affordable tub

Design: Emo Design


Energy is the new entry to the world of Jacuzzi: a high quality whirlpool bath with contemporary design, suitable for all settings, comfortable, resistant, easy-care and attractively priced.

In fact, with Energy, the benefits and the pleasure of real Jacuzzi hydromassage is today within everyone’s reach.


The perfect synthesis of unique function and form, Energy is a compact tub with simple lines that take nothing away from its spaciousness and maximum inner comfort, the fruit of clever ergonomics that treats you to a cosy sensation of total relaxation.


All the value of Jacuzzi technology devoted to home hydromassage gains expression in the two jets at the legs, 2 micro-jets positioned at the feet and the 2 rotating jets on the back. A deep, healthy massage guaranteed by 30% adjustable jets for maximum benefit.

Energy also offers all of the outstanding signature Jacuzzi features: high visibility touch controls on the tub rim, activated by lightly touching the symbols; simple, compact taps with shower head and mixer, a soft, ergonomic headrest in EVA, courtesy light and the Cromodream system which combines a hydromassage with a delightful chromotherapy session.


Sensations of wellness and relaxation that only the proven experience of Jacuzzi can provide are now within everyone’s reach and in complete safety, guaranteed by the Dry-run protection system which prevents the tub from functioning without water, ensuring long-lasting performance, and the sanitisation system which means you can enjoy all the pleasure of hydromassage in perfectly hygienic conditions.


Available in two versions (170x70 and 180x80), Energy is a tub that is highly versatile and easy to install: built-in, corner, back-to-wall centrally positioned and niche, for maximum wellbeing in any bathroom.